15 Dec, 2022

Winter Interior design tips

Winter Interior design tips
15 Dec, 2022

Textiles to heat the house in a wide range of tones and textures.

It’s time to renew the textile accessories in your home: cushions, net curtains and curtains, blankets and plaids, rugs, etc…
With only a few and well selected elements, you will be able to warm the environment and fill it with vitality.
You can always try for yourself but remember there are Marbella design professionals who can give you some tips or even redecorate for you, and depending on your budget they will be able to give your home a comfy new look!
Even an understated gray and black living room can be softened and brightened up with textile accents. They will add texture and warmth and create a healthy balance against so much black leather and wood.

Decoration Marbella fabrics

Combine different plaids or blankets.

Some believe this is a useless piece, and then use them non-stop!
One in faux fur another in thick textured wool… And the final touch, a marbled wool rug in a gray or natural tone.
These have all a very classic style (herringbones, cheviots, wool, flannels), but when mixed with a very modern environment, the result turns out being very interesting.

Masculine Interior design

A sophistication sparkle

If soft, neutral colors predominate in your home, look for cushions and curtains in sumptuous fabrics but in the range of natural ones: silks, voiles, linens… in beiges, sands, earths, etc.
With this choice, you will bring a sparkle of sophistication.

Masculine decoration Marbella

Mix soft fabrics

If you like edgier neutrals colors such as grays, greens, blues, and gray mauves, look for soft wool plaids, mohair, cashmere and alpaca, and mix them with country-style cotton cushions and sheers in stripes and soft-textured fabrics.


Luxury interior design Marbella

Multicolored trend

Another option is to be seduced by the exotic and colorful style and mix textiles of this multi-cultural trend: embroidery, applications, tassels, beads, etc. And mix fabrics such as silk and velvet, which flash with light and will make your living room a vibrant space.


Renovation Marbella

Warm and ‘fashion’ option

If you love wool and felt, this is the “warmest and most fashionable” option.
The colorful cushions and plaids called Inka and Navajo style cushions, are made from recycled woolen garments that are transformed again into fibers that are dyed and woven into new colors and shapes.


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