12 Feb, 2023

10 tips for interior bathroom design

12 Feb, 2023

with colors, accessories, illumination…

Is it possible to make your home look bigger than it is without having a renovation?

You can always ask for the professional help of an interior designer in Marbella. You can also call the best renovation marbella company, but if you are looking to do it yourself, follow these recommendations!!

They are simple tips that will give your home a feeling of spaciousness, without having a big home renovation.

The importance of visual sensations

There’s a difference between real space and space perception.
We are sure you have been more than once in a room that seemed much smaller than it really was. The key is to implement resources that allow us to increase the feeling of spaciousness, instead of decreasing it.

For example, painting one room in a way or another, is a very effective tool when talking about space. If you choose the right color and apply it properly, you will be able to expand the space or reduce it.
Painting walls and ceilings can make the difference between a spacious bathroom and a cramped, cluttered one. Best interior designers know this.

Dark furniture on light walls for interior design bathroom

White or light-colored walls provide a feeling of spaciousness and dark colors make rooms appear smaller. Surely you have heard this many times, and although it is true, it is not always appropriate to be carried away by this rule as if it were indisputable. Although the norm dictates that dark colors are more oppressive, this does not mean that you should always reject them in small rooms.

Interior design Bathroom in Marbella.


Bet on brightness

The ultra-matt finish may be one of the most outstanding decorative trends of the year, but in small bathrooms, it is preferable to opt for glossy or satin finishes as they reflect light and provide more luminosity.

Another reason to choose glossy finishes is that they better hide splashes of water, soap, and even signs of deterioration. Your bathroom will not only look bigger, but it will also be better maintained.

Accessories, with contrasting colors for a good interior design bathroom

If you choose light tones for the walls, the ideal is to opt for darker colors for bathroom accessories.
This section includes towel rails, roll holders, overhanging shelves and shelves, auxiliary furniture, etc.
The contrasts that these elements create in intense or dark tones on light surfaces are very attractive and add dynamism to the room.
The effect is very elegant and decorative.

Large format tiles.

If you are going to cover the walls of your bathroom with tiles, you need to know how to choose them.
Forget about small-format tiles they tend to visually reduce the room.
Opt for large pieces installed with fewer joints.
Also, if they are rectangular tiles, pay attention to the way to place them. Placing them vertically will make the bathroom appear taller.

Luxury interior design bathroom 2023

Floating elements

If you are renovating your small bathroom, here is a recommendation that will help you make it look bigger once the works have been completed: opt for wall-hung toilets and even a wall-to-wall installed countertop.
The elements that do not rest on the floor make the room appear larger.

Best design bathroom Marbella


Transparent glass partitions

Transparent glass partitions for the shower, without decorations or translucent effects, will make your bathroom look wider. These glass partitions provide a certain visual continuity and don’t have too much visual weight.

This feeling will be reinforced if you choose a floor-level shower in the same material and color as the flooring. A continuous floor, without cuts, also makes the space “grow”.

Luxury Bathroom Zagaleta interior design


They are the perfect item when it comes to making the bathroom appear more spacious. Mirrors help multiplying the light, which is another important item to consider.
A well-lit bathroom will always seem larger than a dark and shadowy one. Look for solutions that allow you to have good light in the bathroom.
Interior designers in marbella know this and always try to work with natural light because of the 360 days of sun in the coast.


If you are looking to renotave your bathroom and are not sure about how the final result will look like, you can always talk with a CGI specialist so you can have different 3D renders interior design styles of the final result.

Marbella Studio can help you create this interior design and also the 3d renders and guide you through the process.