Thinking about an integral home renovation?


Are you thinking about renovating your home, bathroom or kitchen?
Use the help of an expert and make sure he understands what your needs are so you receive practical and effective solutions.


Marbella studio is your reliable decoration company in Marbella.

Marbella Studio is your safe choice because you will be hiring an expert team in all areas. We help you have your forever home, well planned with fixed prices and fixed deadlines.


We have a team of professionals led by an engineer who will supervise your project from start to finish, ensuring quality, safety and satisfaction. We use the best materials and offer a turnkey service, so you can enjoy your new home without any hassle. Contact us today and get a free quote.



Renovation Marbella
In your home renovation, details matter.

That’s right and that’s the reason we are so precise and pay so much attention to all details in each project.
Our goal is to create the home you desire, so we listen carefully to your objectives and work hard to create solutions that make sense for you.

Our versatile team of professionals with ample experience will develop your home project renovation in Marbella and its surroundings. Cooperation, dedication, flexibility, originality, honesty and knowledge are the factors that distinguish Marbella Studio from the common crowd.

Let us help you turn your vision into a reality.

The quality of the materials that we select for your home renovation is essential to ensure the best result. We work with the best brands on the national and international market for thermal insulation, ceramics, paint, work material and electrical material.
Make your renovation a complete success! Our specialized team will guide you and advise you throughout the process.

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What will your home renovation in Marbella Cost You?

Trust the best renovation company in Marbella. Marbella Studio develops your dream home project according to your resources and needs. We take your home renovation seriously and we commit to timmings and deadlines.

Among the main Works, the essential main items are painting, window replacement, plumbing and electricity.

Exterior paint has color and also insulation pruposes, and interior paint changes the look and feel of a room. Paint can be around a 5% of the total renovation budget.

Window replacement.

The replacement of old windows is an important consideration because heat and cooling energy use is about a 30% in a home and if windows are not in good conditions you can have air leaks and increase electricity costs.

Plumbing and electrical installations

The repair of plumbing and electrical installations is another important operation; it usually takes an average of €3,000 in a two bedroom apartment.

Dependending on the size of the house the price will increase.
If you have a big house, we encourage you to think about a domotic installation.
Domotics are very interesting as it will make you have a more energy efficient home since you can program appliances and other devices so that they are active only when necessary and with the right intensity. So a home automation is an investment that, over time, will save you money.

Think Green.

Changing the floor is another task very likely to appear in a home renovation project. It can reach around a 15% of the general renovation budget.
New trends are betting on different materials such as microcement, resin, wood, vinyl or polished cement floors.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional partner, contact us! We help you solve your doubts.
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Create A Home You Love

Changes in life are often the opportunity for a fresh start.
By renovating your home, you are creating the perfect setting to get back on your path to happiness.
Tell us about your dream home and we will build it for you.

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