20 Mar, 2021

How to create a wow first impression with a great Hotel lobby design

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20 Mar, 2021

For hotels, first-time business or return business is determined and pegged on impression. A hotel’s lobby represents its first impression, at least, from an interior point of view.

This explains why the organization, presentation, design, and overall appeal of the lobby are critical to determining the marketability of the hotel. The following are some of the ways to create a lasting impression on your guests with your hotel lobby design. Let’s get into each of them in detail.


wow first impression

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The lighting of the lobby should serve the functionality needs in that it ensures your guests can see where they are going, and their safety is guaranteed.

Lights can also be used to give your lobby a uniqueness, warmth, and elegance that fosters an ambient atmosphere that is welcoming to your guests. One way to achieve this is by finding the right balance between the functionality and decorative lights in the lobby area.

Decorating your lobby with artworks


Guests are awed by simple and good artwork that appeals to them. Investing in artwork means mixing styles and types of art in your lobby to achieve a blend that appeals to your guests and markets your brand.

Artwork stimulates visitors’ minds and gives them a sense of connection to the hotel. Art is also known to provoke conversation which also helps improve the guests’ impression of the hotel.

Efficient functionality

The main role of a lobby area in a hotel is to improve the functionality of the hotel. As such it is a key element that should be factored in when designing a lobby.

The design should improve the efficiency of service delivery. This means that the lobby should be designed such that the hotel takes full advantage of the lobby space.

For instance, the lobby space can be designed to provide adequate intimate seating with a large space to socialize.

The reception desk should also be easily accessible, large enough to serve all guests promptly, efficient in-service delivery, and properly labeled for easy identification.

Accessible complimentary amenities


The lobby should provide guests with access to complimentary amenities like televisions, WiFi, and computers. This helps them relax, feel at ease, and welcome.

Having TV packages that provide your guests with access to big shows and sports has become an expectation of hotel guests today.

In the lobby, you could also include guides and maps to navigate the hotel’s surroundings if they wish to access specific services and places while guests at the hotel.

Another important amenity that should be accessible to the guest is toiletries which should be strategically placed so that they can get to it easily.


One of the strategies to come up with a memorable hotel lobby is investing in its design. While hotels often focus on guest experience, courtesy, and reputation, a functional lobby is equally important and an efficient way to impress guests.

The lobby should not just be about the interior design. It should also concern the layout as well as the elements incorporated into the design.