20 Mar, 2021

5 affordable ways to make your home feel like a luxury hotel

Master bedroom luxury Hotel.
20 Mar, 2021

We all look forward to vacation time when we get to take time off, relax, rest, refresh, and recharge at some amazing spa, hotel, or resort. However, this for most of us means spending a significant amount of time saving. Furthermore, we are usually hangover after the holiday left with a longing for more.

The hangover makes the transition back to daily life challenging. Imagine a scenario where you avoid all these. In this article, we discuss ideas to instill the hotel feel in your home. These are ideas you should consider trying.

Give your entrance a facelift

As guests, we are instantly wowed by hotels because of the appealing reception area. One definite way that is cheap but effective in giving your home the hotel feel is aesthetically improving the entrance.

This appeal ensures a lasting impression that is welcoming. An affordable way to achieve this is having an entrance table or a hall console strategically and elegantly placed. Alternatively, for small or space-limited entrances, you can use a wall mirror.

Lighting your bedroom

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At the end of the day, we all retreat to our bedrooms to rest. As such, the room is crucial to every aspect of our lives. One ideal way to ensure your bedroom is fresh and bright is through proper lighting. With the right light, you get the best aesthetic, a perfect luxe, and mood.

Having bedside lamps allows you to adjust the room lights to suit the mood. Adding sconce lights, table lights, pendants, and floor lights also help you to achieve that hotel-room feeling.

Right drapery

Giving your living room a facelift could be as simple as finding the right drapery that complements the room’s interior and its contents. A dining room or living space with the ideal drapery gives it a theatrical appeal that will have you not missing hotel rooms anymore.

The best part is drapery is available at a relatively affordable rate. Once you get the right one for your room (s), you immediately give your space a facelift.

Adding décor pieces

Getting the right décor for your room and placing it at the right place gives your room an appealing interior. Additionally, you get a chance to imprint your personality on the house by doing the décor yourself.

With the right budget, you can acquire the right art, rugs, cushions, as well as lighting that enhance the appeal and luxe feeling of the room.

Give your bathroom the spa-like feeling

This is another affordable way to get your house to feel like the hotels you love. All you need is an adequate stock of fresh towels and having all the required toiletries.

An ideal bathroom has exquisite finishes and a splendid shower. These components added to essential oils, scented candles, and some top-notch soaps will have you looking forward to the shower sessions.

In conclusion, you achieve the hotel-room feeling by complimenting the perfect finishing to the interior design with additional engaging vignettes of rightly placed decors and aesthetic material. The ideas presented above are worth trying out.