5 Hotel Design Ideas to give your home a luxury feel

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Hotel Design Ideas to give your home a luxury feel

Hotel designers
recognize that the intrinsic and extrinsic appeal of a hotel plays a role in how visitors feel about their experience. Top hotels have signatures that are unique to them and which appeals specifically to the kind of clients they target.

Experienced designers often allude to how the small things around us play a crucial role in the perception we have as clients about hotels and setups of any kind. In this post, we discuss some of the simple Hotel Design ideas you can implement at your home to give it the ambiance you desire.

So get ready to delve into some awe-inspiring design inspirations that can give your next home project a luxury hotel ambiance.

Identify a signature scent for your home

“The fragrance adds depth and character ”

One of the first things we notice about a place is the smell. You are attracted to places that smell nice. Hotels recognize this and you should too. Identify a unique scent for the home which appeals to you and does not affect you or your family (in cases of allergies). Alternatively, you can consider scented candles.

These will give your home freshness and ambiance that appeal to you and your guests. You can also consider adding scented soaps to your home. There are many home signature scents options available that can fit your decor.

Decorating your home with some art


Your home may not appeal to you like the hotel because it is plain and boring. You need to spice it up with a little bit of art.

It does not even have to be the expensive kind. It can be simple and affordable stuff ranging from portraits to antique collection or books. You can check out art ideas you could try at your home at online vintage stores.

Come up with a good playlist

This does not mean you turn your home into some sort of night club. You need some smooth music playing at low volume which puts you at ease and can allow you to focus on your daily tasks like catching up on reading or respond to emails.

You can try this at your home too with simple speakers and music selection on Spotify. Music improves your mood, get you going, boosts productivity, and helps you relax.

Improve the lighting in your house


Hotels invest in warm lighting with well-placed lamps that give their rooms some good ambiance. You can try this at home, for instance, add lamps on either side of your bed.

This improves the visual effect in the room. It also allows you to put off the overhead light and create a different warm yet cozy feeling in the room. You can even try different light colors to boost the visual effect to suit your mood.

There are great home lighting options to brighten your home and give your home space a different feel.

Home color palette

This is another great hotel design idea that can turn equally astonishing for your home decor. You can improve your home feel experience by changing its color palette to a neutral one.

Hotels often opt for all-white colors and minimalist interior while others go for light blue, beige, grey, and brown. You can play with colors too to achieve the desired effect that appeals to you. You can determine the wall colors first then identify what to have on other things like furniture.

Wrapping up the design Idea

Truth is most of us prefer a hotel to our homes because of the ambiance, service but most importantly the design which is unique and appealing. With these design ideas, you could translate this to your homes and improve your home experience.