26 Oct, 2020

Why is lighting important for a modern interior design.

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26 Oct, 2020

Lighting is a key element of hotel design that plays a major role in the first impression one has about the hotel.

A guest looking to get some work done or to relax after a long day will look at the lighting schemes in determining the perception of the hotel.

A room should not be dingy, poorly lit, overly bright, or even too dark as this is an instant turnoff to guests. Most of the hotels today are increasingly putting control of lights on the guests since this allows them to settle for a lighting scheme that suits their mood and purposes.

The following are reasons why lighting is important to modern interior design:


The first impression of a hotel is down to a lot of factors associated with the lobby where they are welcomed. The top of that list is lighting which is discernable from the entrance.

In the respective rooms, guests appreciate the ability to manipulate their light to suit their mood.

For instance, guests love it when they can put off all other lights and switch to bedside lamps when they are reading a book and getting ready for bed.


The best lighting is one that can serve different specific purposes. For instance, in the lobby, you need lights to allow your guests to find their way, read signs, and safely navigate through the lobby.

The lighting of the social area of the lobby should create an ambiance that encourages socialization among the guests.

Lighting also should bring out the design compliments such as the decorations hence making them visible and appealing to the guests.


hotel interior lightening

When done well, lighting serves different needs and contributes to the overall appeal of the hotel. Broadly lighting is categorized as either decorative or non-decorative.

The decorative lights include chandeliers, wall sconces, torchieres, floor lamps, and table lamps while non-decorative lights include cove lights, downlights, and step lights.

Finding the perfect blend with these lights improves the appeal of the hotel and the impression it has on the hotel guests.

Complimenting the interior design

Maximizing the effect of the mix of these lights requires taking into account access, projection distances, types, heights, color, placement, color temperature, mounting, dimming, control, zoning, ceiling heights, illumination levels, decorative style, ceiling textures, and finishes, trim ring finishes, aperture styles and sizes, materials used as well as the ability to re-light.

In considering these factors the overall objective is to create an environment that appeals to the guests. This is where lighting comes in handy as it helps you to bring out the essence of the interior design.


The role of lighting in interior design cannot be underestimated. Lighting influences the perception of art, colors, and the overall mood of the hotel.

Light is essentially an artistic endeavor that is crucial to the marketing of the hotel. From the factors discussed above, Modern lighting is an important interior design tool.

Light improves functionality, mood, and decorative aspects of the hotel which is why it is an important investment in creating a profitable hotel venture.