08 Nov, 2020

5 best hotels in Madrid with impressive boutique interiors

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08 Nov, 2020

Madrid is home to some of the most exquisite and posh hotels in the world. These hotels guaranteed you state-of-the-art service and hands-on hospitality.

Guests experience a personalized experience with products and services that are customized to suit individual needs. Some of the services accessible include spas, rooftop bars, and restaurants.

The best part is the hotels are in smart neighborhoods with access to shops and other amenities. We present 5 of the best boutique hotels in Madrid.

Only You Boutique Hotel Madrid


the hotel v5075921 1440

With the exquisite interior design and strategic location, this is a cool hotel that guarantees its guests an experience of a lifetime. As a former palace, the hotel boasts unique architecture that consists of window shutters, Juliette balconies, awnings, and tall arched windows.

In other words, most of the vintage interior design is aesthetically appealing vintage. The navy-blue walls, the studded bedframes, and old maps of Madrid add appeal to the rooms. In the restaurant is a romantic setup suited for tapas dinner. The wood-paneled bar suits night outs of classic cocktails.

The Pavilions


the pavilions

This is a hotel characterized by showy and expansive places because it is home to World Fairs and convention centers. The intimate setting has 28 rooms designed with a fusion of classic and contemporary styles.

As a result, the hotel is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. It is also close to some of the best shopping places such as Plaza de Colon.

Hotel Unico


This hotel is in Golden Mile, Salamanca. It is in a 19th-Century palace. The detailed architecture complements the luxury, thoughtful design details, and daylight. Due to the hotel’s strategic location, guests at the hotel can access upscale restaurants and smart shops in Salamanca.

The rooms have a unique look with the top-floor rooms granting guests views of skylights and pitched ceilings. The restaurant, under the stewardship of Ramon Freixa, serves great Spanish cuisines and breakfast served either in the restaurant or garden terrace.

URSO Hotel & Spa

This hotel is an old palace offering modern luxury. Its location is ideal hence the initiative to integrate the contemporary comforts with 20th-Century architecture.

As a guest, you have access to Technogym equipment available 24-hours. You also get to use the fully equipped spa and a hydromassage pool.

The rooms are decorated with teal shades and soothing champagne. On the other hand, the beds have spacious beds graced by high-quality sheets. While at the hotel, you also get to enjoy contemporary Spanish delicacies.

The Principal Madrid

Preferred by fans of media and fashion, as well as people who prefer walking. They have large windows and high ceilings with black and charcoal grey color schemes.

These features make the rooms comfortable and have a calming effect. If you prefer a serene and ideal drinking spot, the chic roof terrace will serve your needs.

The hotel’s privacy and serenity are part of the reasons it is loved and preferred. In addition to that, cuisines are prepared by the two Michelin stars Ramon Freixa.

In conclusion, if you visit Madrid, these are some of the best boutique hotels you should try out for an unforgettable experience.