Diseño interior Español

Spanish Interior Design.

Spanish interior designers are known to be classy and sophisticated themes that foster that relaxed and homely atmosphere. These themes give a Mediterranean atmosphere feeling of relaxed siestas, rustic villas, family time, and colorful parties.

These themes instill a sense of friendliness with the bright colors, also advancing creativity that can equally add to the appeal of your home. Spanish events, artwork, and even homes provide inspiration and ideas for Spanish-styled interior designs.

While many people love the Spanish interior designs, some feel that they are far beyond reach. However, whether for the whole house or a particular room, implementing them is very much within reach and can be done. There are several strategies you can use to sprinkle a little Spanish into your design and décor.

  • Walls and ceilings

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La Reserva Club Sotogrande. Andalucia. Spain. Spanish designs

You can give your walls the Spanish touch by adding some warm-toned finish to your textures. You can implement stucco walls as in Spanish-styled homes in the kitchen area. Texture can be recreated using faux finishes such as apricot, off white, gold, and burnt sienna. The dark natural wood is best for finishes, trims, molding, and woodwork.

For the ceiling, invest in exposed wood beams, tall walls, and high ceilings. Adding faux wood beams and dark wood finishes make the eye-catching.

  • Stair and Railings

You can do the railings with wrought iron instead of wood banisters. The elegance and contrast of the metals complement the tiles and natural woodwork. Hand-painted terracotta tiles are ideal for rises in cases where the stairs are bare. Interlocking patterns laced with bright colors gives the design an appealing outlook.

  • Floors

The floors of Spanish style homes have either tile or natural wood. These floors are left bare while textured throw rugs play the role of complementing the tiles and room colors. However, you can also use Spanish carpet, made by staggered rows of knotted weave, either beige or cream that go with a yellow or green linear design.

  • Décor

The Spanish interior design décor takes advantage of the space and light to minimize clutter. Furniture used is either made of wrought iron or dark wood. Using worn or second-hand looking furniture gives the room an authentic Spanish feel. Spanish metal artworks, painting, and shelving units’ addition provide the house a holistic Spanish touch.

  • Veranda and Patio

From the design of their homes and culture, one can notice that the Spanish pride themselves in being outdoor people. You can incorporate this in the patio or veranda of your home. One way to achieve this is to use archways and French doors for dining areas and the living room. The patio and veranda areas can also have wooden or iron wrought furniture with a fire pit, colorful pillows, a lot of plants, as well as complimentary baskets and pots for the flowers and other items in the area.

In conclusion, while implementing these tips, you could also invest in the lighting by use of candlesticks and wrought iron sconces synonymous with the Spanish. You can also accessorize the room with pottery, china, fabrics, and wrought iron. These elements add appeal to your design.