12 Jan, 2021

How to create a hotel-inspired room for your own home

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12 Jan, 2021

The idea that we need five-star hotels to get that pleasurable and luxe mood are outdated thanks to small implementable ideas.

These ideas can have you transform your room from a plain, boring, and uninspiring space to an inspirational fun-filled place that instills confidence, relaxation, and comfort. You can convert your home to a lavish retreat at an affordable rate, thanks to a few tweaks and improvements to the current state of your home. Read along to find some actionable tips to Create a hotel-inspired room for your own home.

Make entrance welcoming


bloghThe entrance at homes is equal to the lobbies in hotels. Your home’s entrance gives you the first impression of what you anticipate inside.

As such, your home’s entrance determines the mood you will have the entire time you are in the house. Simple improvements could start by making sure it is tidy and organized. Have hooks for bags and coats to reduce cluttering and disorganization.

The lighting should be decent so that it is inviting. For smaller spaces, designers recommend the use of mirrors since they bounce lighting resulting in a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

A bedroom you look forward to

We do not pay enough attention to our bedrooms. Perhaps because visitors rarely get to the bedroom. However, take a moment and reminisce on your hotel experience focusing on the bedroom space.

Even though we may spend less time in the bedroom, this room has a sentimental value. To make sure you always wake up in a great mood, you can improve your bedroom experience by investing in quality sheets of diverse plain colors and mixed colors.

Additionally, you can add complimenting furniture, a dressing station, and even a TV to boost the luxury appeal. Lighting also goes a long way to improving your bedroom.

How about some complimenting artwork?

Adding some vases with architectural patterns is aesthetically appealing. Filling these vases with fresh flowers gives your room a lively feeling.

The best part is if you cannot access fresh flowers, then a few fake blooms would do just fine. You can also add some artwork to boost the overall appeal of the house. Strategically placing your arts and portraits gives the house a welcoming feeling.

Designing a luxe and serene living room setup

Coming up with a luxe and warm living room starts with predetermining a theme that suits your furniture and interior design. Remember that the interior theme you choose also determines the way you design the rest of the house.

You can use textures on the surfaces to achieve an enhanced effect. Getting the right lighting also brings out the essence and adds an extra appeal to your dining area.

Minimize clutter to Create a hotel-inspired room

Clutter is a sign of disorganization. It does not appeal to you or your guests. Furthermore, this is perhaps the single largest source of bad moods in a home and a differentiating factor between homes and hotels.

You should ensure the organization maximizes the spaces and reduces distraction while enhancing the appeal. One way to achieve this is to have a predesignated storage space. You can also acquire extra storage materials if the storage space is small.

In conclusion, a hotel-inspired room at home requires you to invest time and thought. Otherwise, achieving it is as easy as trying out some of the ideas and getting creative to take advantage of your space.