Our interior design by interior designer Marbella is popular in Marbella, Spain,

with a preference for contemporary and modern styles, as well as traditional Spanish styles like Andalusian and Mediterranean. Natural materials such as stone, wood, and terracotta are commonly used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The use of 3D rendering in interior design has become more prevalent in Marbella, as it provides a more accurate representation of the finished product and allows clients to make informed decisions about the design and layout of their space.

3D renders also allow designers to experiment with different materials, finishes, and lighting effects, producing highly detailed and realistic representations of the finished space.




We take full responsibility for the design process as well as making the orders, deliveries and installation. Working with trusted suppliers ensures us of receiving materials in a designated time and in a superior quality.
We work closely with architects and constructions team to make sure we can all hand in the project on time and within the client´s budget



Our realistic 3D renders help private clients to visualise their future interior and they are also used as a selling tool for investors and developers.
At this stage we play with volumes, lighting, colors,
textures, and materials until we achieve the ideal look and feel of the space. We represent our projects faithfully and always in accordance with the client’s taste.



In order to provide unique designs to our clients, we work directly with trusted carpenters, upholstery and metal workers to be able to make our furniture design a success.
We offer an infinit choice of fabrics, materials, colours and forms to make sure the interior design of our clients stands out and is completely custom made.


Discover how our team of experts in interior design Marbella can transform your space on the Costa del Sol. At Marbella Studio, we specialize in crafting exceptional environments that blend contemporary elegance with traditional Spanish charm. From conceptual design to final implementation, our personalized approach ensures stunning results that exceed our clients’ expectations. Let us turn your vision into reality!

Marbella best architects

Interior designer in Estepona. Interior designer in Marbella.

We design personalized furniture and we have top national and international firms for furniture, lighting, fabrics, wallpapers, among others.

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