Fall Interior Design Trends

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As the seasons change, so does the decor. With autumn right around the corner, explore some of these fall interior design trends to guide you through this seasonal transition. These fall home trends are sure to incite feelings of nostalgia, comfort, warmness, and absolute coziness. Here are some of our favorite fall design trends for you to consider this year.


Ideas For Fall Interior Design

Fortunately, this year’s fall interior design trends may not require an extensive shift from seasonal summer decor to fall decor. Still, there are definitely some larger upgrades to consider for your 2022 fall design, from tones and textures to materials and accents.


  • Warm & Earthy Tones – Comfort and coziness are huge in the fall, and what better way to bring about these feelings than with some warm palettes and earthy tones? These tones can include cinnamon, rust, sand, terracotta, muted browns and tans, and other neutral compliments. Consider these for a paint job, or for a smaller budget, maybe just some new antiques or display items to place on your corner tables, mantles, and shelves.
  • Natural Wood – This year, wood tones like walnut and chestnut are totally in, calling for a rustic and farmhouse-like feel. Whether it’s a wooden coffee table in the living room, pendant lights with a wooden beam, new stools of brown or dark gray oak, or a decorative serving tray from a handpicked slab, these fall design textures are not only appealing to the eye but fit the style of the season to a key. Natural wood is also great for grounding a room, especially when airy and open areas of the home have become more popular.
  • Matte Finishes – Placing a matte finish on appliances and fixtures such as sinks and toilets, or even common objects like cookie jars and utensil holders, is a great way to veer away from the shiny metals and chrome accents that are popular in the summer. These finishes are especially poignant with darker tones and colors, and can quickly update your space without a whole revamp or renovation.
  • Textured Fabrics and Textiles – This year’s fall interior design trends once again call for linen, boucle, and thicker textured fabrics. Consider swapping your lighter-weight throws, rugs, pillows, and bedding with thicker and heavier versions that carry a more intricate texture.


Autumn Decorating Ideas

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Decor themes aside, check out some of these popular autumn decorating ideas when adding new elements and objects to your home:


  • Woven Textures – Wicker and other woven elements can add softness to any space or room, and bring a natural highlight that compliments well with other fall home trends. Consider adding some wicker baskets, natural fiber rugs, woven counter stools, or cane and rattan furniture pieces to add comfort and a natural feel to your home.
  • Vintage – The ’70s are making a comeback, and a vintage look is a viable option for your fall design. This can be an eclectic mix of intricate colors like purples and velvet, fringed lamps, blankets, or pillows, as well as exotic woods for a blast from the past that can still look the part when paired with modern displays.
  • Natural Elements – It’s never a bad time in the year to add some natural life into your home, either through plants, garden boxes, vines, or even real/fake vegetables. Some natural objects to keep in mind can include gourds, root vegetables, yellow and orange flowers, pumpkins, and sprigs of wheat. The best part is, that you can find some of these items in other textures or materials, for instance, a rattan gourd.


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