17 Nov, 2022


17 Nov, 2022

About interior design trends:

MADE” the new interior design magazine takes us on a journey throughout the best decoration proposals from the latest Marbella Design edition that has taken place in the Marbella conference centre this 2024 fall.

With the first edition, MADE magazine wants to help understand and enjoy the world of interior design. MADE arrives ready to be the master of ceremonies as far as interior design is concerned.
This first copy tours the reader through the fourth edition of the Marbella Design event in which more than 150 exclusive firms have gathered together.

If you want to discover the latest in interior design trends 2024, keep scrolling! 

1. Pink is the most fashionable color

Yes, interior design decoration will also be inspired by this color. With the aim of bringing comfort to the space and regardless of the tone, we see pink in furniture, walls, lighting or house fabrics.
It’s about bringing back “updated “30’s-Hollywood glamour to our time.
The so well known art-deco of the North American legends of that time, returns through the reound-shaped furniture with gold and copper details.
If you want to follow this interior design trend you should add soft rugs, fur blankets or velvet upholstery, all in Pink tones of course.

2. Return to the Spanish 20th century

This season wants to transport us decades ago in two different ways:
-Taking inspiration from the restaurants of the mid-century.
-Taking the houses of the 80’s as a reference.
This way we are teleported to the simple and classic restaurants of that time through the lighting and simplicity of a white tablecloth.
The objective is that all diners gathered around the table are equally protagonists in that space.
On the other hand, the personality of “the cozy house” is back in the 21st century. Soft sofas, colorful wallpapers, plates on the walls, different upholstered seats or the modern and rustic furniture are just some of the elements that will bring these houses to life.
There’s no reason to be afraid because the rule “less is more” does not exist!


3. The influence of millennial baths

Greece, Rome or the Arabia countries are the places where interior designers want us to travel with these bathroom designs.
Dim lighting, natural materials or neutral tones are the elements chosen to make us feel as if we were in authentic Greek baths, Roman baths or Arab hammams.
The purpose of these spaces are to recover the importance that was given to personal care in those times.
Professional interior designers in Marbella have been using this bath style over the last decade and keep on working on new ambiences and visual sensations. This is our 3er interior design trend.

4. Sensory journey through nature trends

Earth tones, vegetation, warm environments, natural materials and rounded shapes, stand out this season as clear winners in terms of decoration.
However, natural materials find its best friend in the modern decoration. Together they provide us with calm and great relaxation spaces.

5. Water. The present element in decoration.

Although it may seem strange at first sight, the maritime proposals are the most diverse proposals in new interior design trends.
Originality and risk adhere to the indirect lighting. Voluminous and rounded furniture and the bluish and gray tones are fundamental elements to create the sensation of being under the sea.
Do you want to live in an eternal vacation? This is your trend.
What new trends will the next edition of Marbella Design bring us, to be held this September? We’ll have to wait for the second volume of MADE to find out…

We bring  5 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS from Marbella Design Week .