ready-made home designs for immediate living,

beginning at €22K.


Explore our furniture & Decor “All Inclusive” Packages

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Our Services

Effortless interiors for
busy lifestyles

Marbella Studio, we recognize your busy lifestyle and the value of savoring your sun-soaked retreat. Our comprehensive interior collections are designed to save you time and effort in selecting and arranging furniture. Influenced by our travel experiences and design passion, we’ve struck a fine balance between style, cost, and quality, ensuring you have a relaxing home from the start. We also provide customization options, full bespoke design services, and seasonal interior updates. For tailored solutions, we encourage direct contact to discuss your specific needs.

Our Interior Collections

Three Unique Styles

for International Owners.

Marbella Studio, offers an easy-to-use interior design solution, featuring swift execution and top-quality items. With Chulo, you get access to three stylish and timeless collections, meticulously selected and ready for seamless integration into your new home, ensuring minimal effort and quick setup.


All You Need

Envision the moment your luxurious sanctuary is fully prepared for you. Our team manages the full setup, ensuring every detail is flawlessly executed. As you enter this lavish space, you’re welcomed by a setting of extraordinary comfort and elegance. The Luxury Package offers a blend of textures, hues, and design elements, harmoniously crafted to create an emotionally captivating environment.



Ready for living or renting

The “Timeless Charm Furniture Package” offers more than just furniture; it includes a full turnkey service to perfect every part of your living area. This package provides luxury bed linens for comfort, stylish kitchenware for enhanced dining, and carefully chosen bathroom essentials. It represents sophisticated living, blending classic and contemporary styles with ease and convenience, helping you create a refined and comfortable living space

Personalization Made Simple

Our furniture packs are crafted with diverse styles and color palettes to easily match your personal taste. Designed for flexibility, they allow you to effortlessly infuse your unique style into your space.

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