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Custom-designed car parks are the ultimate luxury for automobile fans, and the award-winning residence in La Zagaleta stands as a paragon of such exclusivity. The parking space at this residence, recognized as the best home in Spain, is nothing short of a gallery for the finest collection of Ferraris.



Interior design Marbella Award 2023


“Experience Elegance in Motion: Your Taylor-Made Parking, Marbella’s Finest for Luxury and Performance.”

From the moment one steps into this custom parking area, the striking visual is that of a high-end showroom rather than a mere garage. Aesthetic sensibilities are evident in every design decision, from the sleek reflective floors to the strategic lighting that highlights the sculptural beauty of each car. The red LED strips running along the floor guide the eye while evoking the iconic Ferrari color, enhancing the sense of bespoke luxury.

This architectural marvel, a showcase of exemplary interior design in Marbella and Zagaleta, is tailored to accentuate the grandeur of these automotive masterpieces. Each vehicle, a piece of art in itself, is placed so that it reflects the homeowner’s unique taste while also ensuring optimal visibility and accessibility. The fusion of state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated design elements signifies a new paradigm in luxury living.


Interior design La Zagaleta award

The dramatic central display features the crown jewel, a LaFerrari, under a spotlight – a clear statement of opulence and prestige. The surrounding walls, adorned with Ferrari memorabilia and awards, tell a story of legacy and passion for speed and design, resonating with the essence of the brand.

“Parking interior design in Marbella”

Elegance, personalization, and meticulous attention to detail make this custom parking area more than just a storage space; it’s a personal retreat that celebrates the romance of the automobile. As an expert in marketing, I see this not just as a design triumph but as a branding success story, a perfect harmony of interior design and personal expression in the prestigious enclave of La Zagaleta.


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